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Medical Practice Guidelines
Scientifically established protocol or preferred clinical treatments or processes
Technology Imperative
use of technology without any reguard for its cost
Cost Benefit Analysis
Evaluate benefits in a relationship to cost when both are expressed in dollars
Provides health care through the use of videoconferencing
Technology diffusion
proiferation of technology once its developed
Clinical Information System
Involves the organized process storage and & retrieval of information to support patient care
This means to most people greater benefit or to higher power
Refers to the health benefits to a medical intervention
Self Referrals
MD's referring patients to facilities in which thay have an owner ship
Decision Support System
Computer based information and analytical tools used by decision makers
Discuss the role of information technology in the delivery and management of health care services?
-Clinical Information
-Administrative information systems ex. payroll,pt acountting. and materials management, budgeting, cost control, and office automation
Mediacl clinics us CPOE
-Desicion support systems support managerial decion making
How do perverse financial incentives in a fee-for-service payment system and in cost based reimbursement incur a > use of expensive services?
Look back on
What impact has technology had on access to medical care?
Refers to any process of examining and reporting properties of a medical technology used in health care, such as safety, effectiveness,as well as social,economic and ethical consequences whether intended or unintended.