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San Francisco is a large city made up of many ________________?
One of the well known communities in San Francisco is _________________.
China Town
People use ___________________ to travel up and down the hills.
Cable cars
People travel over the water on the ______________________________.
Golden Gate Bridge
Electricity is made through the use of _____________________________.
The dams that make the electricity use water from the _______________________.
San Francisco Bay
California became a state after ________________________________.
the war with Mexico.
Why did many people rush to California in 1848?
They rushed to California because gold was discovered.
Why did priests set up missions in California?
The priests set up missions to teach their religion to others.
How did the city of San Francisco begin?
San Francisco began as a Spanish mission.
How was San Francisco Bay important to the people of San Francisco in the past and how is it important today?
The bay provided food and water in the past. Today the bay is used for fishing, boating, and making electricity.
What was mission life in California like for the Ohlone and other Native Americans? How did it change their culture?
The Native American lived and worked in the missions. Their culture disappeared as they began speaking Spanish and became Catholic.