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An artistic style
Places of worship.
The artistic showing of distance between objects as they appear to the eye.
A large place for storing oil and other bulk supplies.
Story or a play in which the central character struggles against destiny but meets an unhappy end.
Plays with humorous themes and happy endings.
Building for the Gods
About Greek architecture. The Parthenon is a prime example of Greek architecture and extremely beautiful.
Greek Arts
The Greek love of beauty was expressed in the fine arts as well as the architecture. In both painting and sculpture. The excelled at portraying the human form.
Drama and Theater
The Greeks also explored the human condition through theatrical dramas. They were the first people to write and preform plays. Which the presented twice a year at festivals to Honor Dionysus, the god of wine and fertility.
The Olympic Games
Believing that healthy bodies made the best use of natures gifts, the ancient Greeks stressed athletics in their school curriculum. It was held in Olympia. The games were to Honor Zeus, only men could attend the games. Examples: Broad Jump, Discus Throw, Boxing, Wrestling, and an activity called Pentathlon combined running, jumping, throwing the discus, wrestling, and hurling the javelin.
Painting the Vases
The Greeks designed their pottery with different shapes that were suited for different functions.
Sculpting the Human Body
Greek sculpture reached a height in Athens during the time of Pericles.Myron was one of the greatest sculptors of Greece's Golden Age. The sculptor Phidias was in charge of the Parthenon's sculptures
The first great writes of tragedies in the 400s B.C. wrote 90 plays. Only 7 have survived.
Another Great tragedian, who has served as a general in the Athenian army and had lived through most of the Polynesian War. One of his more famous plays was Oedipus Rex.
The last of the Three Great Tragedians, rarely dealt with the influence of the gods and goddesses on human lives. He hated war and almost all of his plays had war in them.
A Comedy Tonight
Aristophanes, the most famous writer of comedies, created imaginative social satire. In his plays he made witty comments about leading figures.
One of the greatest sculptors of the Greece's Golden Age, he made his sculptures of what the people he thought should look like not what they really looked like.
was in charge of the Parthenon's sculptures. Made a towering statue of Athena, that was placed inside the Parthenon.
Famouse Greek Sculpter reflected changes that had occured in Greek life.
Is were the olypics were held every four years.