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what do you think you'll do?
qu'est-ce que tu penses faire?
what do you intend to do?
qu'est-ce que tu as l'intention de faire?
i think i'll...
je pense...
what do you plan to do?
qu'est-ce que tu as l'intention de faire?
i'm planning on...
je compte...
i really want to...
je tiens a...
peut-etre que...
it might be that...
il se peut que...
it's possible that...
il est possible que...
to stop/finish one's studies
arreter/finir ses etudies
to have a child
avoir un enfant
to choose a career
choisis un metier
start college
entrer l'universite
to be unemployed
etre au chomage
to do an apprenticeship
faire un apprentissage
to go to a technical school
faire un ecole technique
to do one's military service
faire son service militaire
to get one's diploma
obtenir son diplome
to get married
so marier
to gt one's license
passer son permis de conduire
to leave home
quitter sa famille
to bass one's bac
reussir son bac
to find a job
trouver un trvail