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El Camino Real
-The Royal Road
Stretched for more than 600 miles in California
What city is the oldest in the US today?
St. Augustine
Why hadn't the French settled in North America?
1. Civil Wars
2. Under King Louis XIV, peaceful times and no desire to leave.
Presidio means?
Spanish Fort
How were the Indians mistreated?
1. Had to give up their traditions.
2. Had to work against their will.
Why did the Spanish build presidios?
To protect them from English Pirates and Indians
Fundamental Orders
first written system of Government in America
Scarce means?
not plentiful
Who were the only people able to vote?
What is the largest presido?
St. Augustine
Anne Hutchinson did what?
Questioned Purtian teachings and they made her leave
What is a word for long lasting?
What is a Charter?
a document that gives a person or groups of people permission to take action
Hacienda are?
Large estates (very much like plantations
What is Portage?
method of transportation in which boat is light weight and can be carried
Why was St. Augustine important to the Spanish?
It served as their military Headquarters
Harvard College
First college in US named after John Harvard because he donated 400 books (books were very rare and as valuable as money
Most important livestock
cattle and sheep
How did the Indians help the Spanish?
1. taught them how to make adobe houses.
2. how to use herbs as medicines.
What is the land that serves as a barrier?
Code Noir Black Code
laws that restricted the ways in which Africans in Louisiana could live
Who are the most famous missionaries?
What famous Franciscan missionary built 21 missions in California?
Father Junipero Serra
John Endecott
Leader of the Puritans, who came to settle Boston, Mass. Their chief town
Proprietory Colony is what?
King gives ownership to one person
Who were Marquette and Joliet?
French explorerd the Mississippi and realized that it could not be the NW Passage because the river flowed South
Who was LaSalle?
French explorer who reached the mouth of the Mississippi River
What was the most important part of Puritan life?
What did the French learn from the Indians?
How to build canoes to go over rough and shallow rivers
Self-sufficient means?
can raise their own food and live off their land
John Law
Louisiana's proprietor, or owner
branch rivers
What did Puritans want everyone to be able to do?
Read the Bible
How did Bienville and Iberville know that they had reached the Mississippi River?
Mongoulacha, the Indian leader was wearing a French coat and had a letter from LaSalle
What is a Royal Colony?
King would rule colony
New England
Puritans settled here. came because they wanted to make their religion more "pure"
people who tried to teach their religion to others
How did the spanish help the Indians?
1. Taught them how to use a plow.
2. How to use tools that would help them.
Villiages of 50 or more families had a school Smaller towns had to school their children in homes.
Roger Williams
Left Puritans because he felt only Indians had the right to give away land, so he left
New Orleans
first Louisiana capital
King Phillip's War
(King Phillip was the name given to the Wampanoag Chief) war was over land ownership; Indians felt no one could own land; they felt they shared it with the English
No school vacations why?
Waste of "God's precious time" only went to school for 10-12 weeks rest of the time had to work in home or the fields