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Describe the atrial conduction pathway from the AV node
A/M/P internodal tracts + Bachman's bundle
List 3 Types of Irregular Rhythm.
Wandering Pacemaker, Multifocal Atrial Tachycardia, Atrial Fibrillation
Describe Wandering Pacemaker
irregular rhythm <100 with varying P wave shapes
Describe Multifocal Atrial Tachycardia in COPD.
irregular rhythm >100 with varying P wave shapes
Describe Atrial Fibrillation
chaotic atrial spikes (NO DISTINGUISHING P WAVES) with irregular ventricular rhythm
What is the difference between Escape Rhythm and Beat? What 3 locations can they occur?
Rhythm = pacing; Beat = transient; Atrial, Junctional, or Ventricular
What does inverted P wave imply when QRS is postively deflected?
retrograde atrial depolarization
What syndrome is caused by Ventricular Escape Rhythm?
Stokes-Adams (syncope due to low CO)
What is the presentation of Ventricular escape beat? The cause?
enormous QRS complex, excess parasympathetic activity
Atrial or Junctional Foci Irritability is often caused by ?
Adrenergic substances!
Premature Stimulation from an automaticity focus causes the depolarized Pacemaker to (blank).
Coupling of PABs in a regular pattern to the SA depolarization is called (1:1, 2:1)?
Atrial Bigeminy, Atrial Trigeminy
Ventricular Foci are often made irritiable by low(blank) and low blank)
Low O2 and K+