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Act of transmitting verbal and nonverbal information and understanding between seller and buyer
What are Face-to-face communication: three components
1. Verbal Message
➢ Words that are used
➢ The words we use doesn’t make the biggest impact
2. Vocal Message
3 subcomponents
1. Pitch
> The loudness of the voice
2. Infliction
> Variety of tone of the voice
3.Facial Messages
ex rolling of the eyes
What the four nonverbal communication channels?
space,appearance,handshakes, and 4. body language
What is level of space
Intimate space
> 2ft and/or from the torso arm length
> friends and love ones
Personal space
>2ft to 4ft away from the torso
> business people and strangers
Social space
>4 ft to 12ft away from the torso
> used for presentation
Public space
>12ft and beyond
>Giving presentation in banquet halls
how do u give a US handshake
US handshake
1. Thumb vertical and finger horizontal
2. Connect web to web-between thumbd
3. About three pumps
4. Degree of firmness
Must have eye contact
What are the three type of body language?
-buyer is favorably inclined towards you and your presentation
-buyers are either neutral or skeptical
towards what you are saying
-tells you immediately to stop the planned presentation and quickly adjust to the situation.
Eight barriers to communication
Differnce in perception
Buyer does not recognize a need for product
Information overload
Poor listening
How and what they say
Not adapting to buyer’s style