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Aspirational reference group
a reference group that one hopes to join
3 categoreis of consumer buying decisions
routine response- frequently purchased, low involment, low cost items
little decision making- requires a moderate ammount of time for gathering information about a little known product
extensive decision making- requires use of several criterea when buying an expensive, unfamiliar or infrequently bought item
Factors that influence consumer decisions
Culture- a set of ebliefs, attitudes, norms, and other artifacts which impact human behavior
Subculture- a group of people with characteristics from the normal culture, as well as unique elements from their own group
social class
A group of people who have the same ammount of status and community esteem, and who socialize among themselves
Reference Groups
A group of individuals who influence the purchasing decisions of individuals
primary membership group
a membership group in which informal, face-to-face interactions occur frequently
secondary membership group
a membership group in which more formal, less consistent interactions take place
self concept
how an individual views theirself
ideal self image
what an individual would like to appear as
values and attitudes which are deemed acceptable by the group
Opinion Leaders
People in society who influence the opinions of others
Influences attitudes, values, and purchasing decisions
Individual influences on Consumer behavior (list)
Gender, Age, Personality, self-cencept, and lifestyle
a way of organizing the consistency's of an individuals reaction to situations
actual self image
how an individual actually percieves themself
a mode of living, influenced by opinions, activities, and interests
the process in which people select, organize, and respond to stimuli
selective exposure
noticing certain stimuli and ignoring others
selective distortion
changing information in a way that supports one's beliefs or opinions
selective retention
occurs when an individual remembers only the information which goes along with their beliefs
the driving factors which cause a person to take action
Maslow's heirarchy of needs
classifys human needs in order of importance (least to greatest) self actualization, esteem, social, safety, and phycological
The process that creates changes in behavior
experimental learning
the process of learning something throughh a direct experiment
secondary learning
the process of learning something not through an experience, but thorugh second hand knowledge
stimulus generation
a form of learning in which one response is forwarded to a second stimulus, similar to the first
stimulus discriminations
ability to discriminate between similar products
an organized pattern of knowledge an individual holds as true
a learned tendency to respond consistently to a given object
consumer behavior
how consumers make purchase decisions and how they use and dispose of goods
5 step process for consumer decisons
need recognition, information technology, brand evaluation, purchase, post purchase evlauation
2 kinds of external searches
non-marketing controlled- product info not influenced by marketing or promotion
marketing controlled- info that is directly supplied by marketing
Any imput which relates to one of the 5 senses
recognition of unfulfilled need and a product that will satisfy it
cognative dissonance
inner tension experienced by a consumer agter recognizing an inconsistency between value and ebhavior