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The Almoravids brought about the ___________ of the Soninke empire of Ghana.
Ghana's location between the salt mines and the gold fields helped it to become a major ___________
trading center
In 5000 B.C., the Sahara desert was ...
a land of rich soil and grasses and flowing rivers.
The Nok used iron to ...
make weapons, farms tools, and sculptures.
The Nok were the first West Africans to ...
make iron
As Africans left the Sahara to find better farm land, they settled along the banks of the ...
Niger River
Arab traders taught the West Africans ___________.
writing and number systems
Food was so plentiful for the people of Jenne-jeno that ...
they had time for jewelry making, sculptures, and other crafts.
In Ghana, when a king died, the person named as the new king was ____________.
the king's sisters son
the act of following another person to a title or throne