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The external genitalia in a female is also called?
The vulva
Thick folds in the vulva are called?
Labia Majora
Thin smaller lips and lies in the labia majora are called?
Labia Minora
A highly sensitive organ made of erectile tissue is called?
The Clitoris
The external opening of the female urethra is called the?
Urinary Meatus
How long is the female urethra?
About 3 cm
The vaginal opening or orifice is called?
On each side of the vaginal orifice is a what?
Bartholin's Glands
What does the Bartholin's gland do?
It emties it mucous secretion through a small duct
The area between the vagina and the rectum is called?
What does the internal reproductive system consist of?
The vagina, uterus, ovaries, and fallopian / uterine tubes
What is the vagina lined with?
Mucous membrane
How long is the vagina?
7.5 -10 cm long
The upper part of the vagina is called?
The inferior part of the uterus is called the?
How long is the uterus?
7.5 cm x 5 cm
A nulliparous woman would have a smaller or a bigger uterus?
A multiparous woman would have a smaller or a bigger uterus?
Nulliparous Woman
one who has not completed a pregnancy to the stage of fetal viability
Multiparous Woman
one who has completed two or more pregnancies to the stage of fetal viability
What are the three ligaments in the uterus?
Round, uterosacral, and broad ligaments
The broad ligaments envelope the?
fallopian tubes
The round ligaments blend with?
the tissues of the labia majora
The uterosacral ligaments extend?
superiorly to the vagina
What is the body of the cervix called?
The triangular inner porition of the fundus narrows to a small canal in the cervis that has constrictions at each end this is referred to as?
the internal and external os
The upper lateral parts of the uterus is called the
Where do the ovaries lie?
behind the broad ligaments and behind and bellow the fallopian tubes
How big are the ovaries?
3 cm
Ovaries contain tiny egg cells called?
the ovaries and the fallopian tubes together are referred to as the?
Puberty usually occurs at what ages?
between 12 and 14
Periodic discharge of matured ovum is called?
Summary of Ovulation
Ovum enlarges  turns into GF  ovary  peritoneal cavity  FT  uterus  Union  GF becomes corpus luteum  progesterone made
Ovulation occurs?
2 weeks before next MP
When does conception take place?
when ova is penetrated by spermatozoon, union occurs
Corpus luteum is what color?
What does corpus luteum secrete?
What is the most potent of the ovarian estrogens?
What female hormone helps with the secondary sex characteristics?
What stimulates ovaries to secrete estrogen?
What stimulates progesterone production?
Elevated progesterone levels inhibit?
LH secretion and promote FSH secretion
Elevated estrogen levels inhibit?
FSH, and promote LH secetion
What type of mechanisms regulate FSH and LH mechanisms?
Cyclic pattern that results in changes in the uterine endometrium is called
How long is the menstrual cycle last for?
28 days
What helps to prepare the endometrium to implant fertilized ovum?