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Serum cholesterol and Trigylcerid levels above what number are assocated with atherosclerosis?
-240mg/dL Choles.
-150mg/dL Trig.
What is HDL and LDL? What's the difference between both?
-(HDL) High density lipoprotein.
The protective Lipoprotein.
-(LDL) Low density Lipoprotein.
The harmful Lipoportein.
HDL metabolized and excreted by liver.
HDL level of what, is considered a major risk factor for heart disease?
Low HDL means higher risk factor.
Discuss the TLC diet and what does it stand for?
Therapeutic life changes. Diet low saturated fat and low cholesterol plan. Less than 200mg choles. a day. Excercise biatch!
What LDL cholesterol level range is considered borderline?
Name 4 categories of Antihyperlipidemic Drugs used to treat hyperlipidemia.
-Bile Acid Sequestrants
-HMG-CoA recutase inhibitors
-Fibric acid derivatives