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To determine, decide, settle
dEcernO, dEcernere, dEcrEvI, dEcrEtum
To use, practice
Utor, UtI, Usus sum (+abl)
To demand
postulO, Are, AvI, Atum
A sign of divine will, augury (the sceince of interpreting the will of the gods from the flight of birds and other events in nature)
augurium, I, n
To jump over
trAnsiliO, trAnsilIre, trAnsiluI
To perish, die
pereO, perIre, periI, peritum (irregular)
To build, fortify, protect
mUniO, mUnIre, mUnIvI, mUnItum
Insignia, mark, token
Insigne, Insignis, n
fInitimus, a, um
To flee, flee to
profugiO, profugere, profugI