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-singing storytellers
-rows of foot soldiers using their shields to form a wall
-seized power and ruled the polis single-handedly
-blind poet
-lived during the 700s b.c.
-composed two famous Greek epics the iliad and odyssey
-he chief god
-thought to rule the sky, weather, and thunderstorms
-became the most famous of the Greed city-states
-revolved around the army
-men had to go into military at age 7
-women trained in gymnatics, wrestling, and boxing
-kings governed Sparta
-they were Olympic athletes
-took over the government of Athens
-divided large estates among landless farmers and extended citizenship to men who didnt own land
-provided the poor with loans and put them to work buliding temples and other public work
-temple of Athenia
Darius 1
-Darius defeated the Ionians
-punished the mainland Greeks for helping the rebels
-coastal plain 25 miles north of Athens
-use to describe something that is very cruel and severe
-System where citizens wrote the name of a politician on a piece of baked clay called an ostracon.
Helen of Troy
-wife of a Mycenaean king
-gets kidnapped by a Trojan named Paris and is taken to Troy
-had the strongest military power in the ancient world
-their armies were led by Cyrus II
-a mountain pass north of Athens
Trojan Horse
-a huge hollow wooden horse used to trick the Trojans by the Mycenaeans
-northeast of the Peloponnesus on a penninsula of central Greece
-the west coast of Asia Minor and its adjoining islands
-an islan southeast of the Greek mainland
-fortified hill
Why was the period between 461 to 429 called the Golden Age?
because of the achievements in arts and science
why was trade and communication difficult in Greece?
because of the mountains
how did solon prompt the growth of industry in Athens?
he made the fathers teach their sons a skill and extend citixenship to foreigners
Delian League
-Athens persuaded most of the city-states but not Sparta, to ally against the enemy
what year did the minoans civilization flourished?
between 2500b.c. and 1450b.c.
Compare & Contrast Athenian & Spartan Educational Sytems.
-Boys in Athens were put in school at age 7 & they graduated at age 18 & girls were taught how to weave & cook by their mothers.
-Boys in Sparta were trained to be in the military at age 7 where the learned to read, write, and use weapons & girls were trained for gymnastics, wrestling, and boxing.
-The boys in Sparta & Athens were 7 when they began their education & the girls were trained to do something important.