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What issue is being discuss about the second amendment?
Whether individuals still have the right to have guns.
The Second,Third,and Fourth amendments help protect Americans against what?
It protects them againstabuses of power by government officials or their represenatives.
The Second Amendment gaurantees Americans what right?
The right to serve in a state militia and to bear arms.
What was a militia at the time this amendment was written?
It was a local army made up of volunteer soldiers.
The first amendment in the Constitution protects what 5 basic freedoms essential to the American way of life?
The 5 basic freedoms are freedom of religion,freedom of speech,freedom of the press,freedom of assembly and freedom to petition the government.
Because governemnt did not supply the militia with money and they had to supply their own weapons,the right to bear arms was necessary to do what?
It was necessary to maintain the militias.
The second amendement also gives citizens the rightto do what?
Maintain a well regulated mili
Why does it give Americans the right to bear arms?
It gives them the right to bear arms in order to maintain "a well-regulated militia".
The first 10 amendments in the Constitution are known as the what?
They are known as the Bill of Rights.
What do the Bill of Rights reflect?
They reflect the belief of the Framers of the Constitution in the principle of limited government.
The amendments place strict limits on what?
They place strict limits on how the national government can use its powers over the people.