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Describe the Circulatory System..
-hypertension-high pressure
Avg. 120/80 systole/dyostole-beat/rest

-aneruysm-pocketing out of blood vessel wall

-CVD-cardio vascular disease-cholesteral plaque- hardens arteries-decreases diameter of vessel and blood flow.
CO2 gets taken care of by the ________
What is Secretion?
It is the distal part, and goes from the blood to the nephron, urea, excess hydrogen ions drugs and antibiotics are involved.
When Cells produce waste product they deposit them in the _________
In the Blood Stream
What are the 3 phases during the cleaning and regulating of blood composition?
1. Artery
2. vein
What is the glomerulus?
it is a capillary bed that is part of the vescle network.
Salts get taken care of by the _______
What is Filtration?
It is located in the glomerulos and it goes from the blood to the nephron, the urea, water, glucose, salts, amino acids, and ions are the substances involved.
What is Reabsorbtion?
It is the backup for the filtration, it goes from the nephron to the blood and has amino acids, H2O salts and glucose.
Metabolic wastes get taken care of by the _________
Urinary System
What roles does the urinary system play?
1. Regulates Blood Pressure

2. Adjusts fluid volumes
What are the filtering units of the kidney?
Where do we rid our body of ammonia