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The Umayyad Empire included _____, _____, and _____ by the 700s.
parts of Asia, Africa and Europe
Having a _____ allowed people throughout the empire to communicate with each other.
common language
The belief that the Umayyads did not ______ led to revolts.
take their relgious duties seriously
Because of _____, the most talented people were able to participate in government and cultural life.
The human form was not used in Muslim art because they believed it would _____.
distract them from their faith
Muslim scholars developed the _____ which we still use today.
Arabic number system
The _____ believed they should be caliphs because they were descendents of Muhammad.
Many _____ came to Cordoba because it was a great cultural center with many libraries.
Muslim _____ fighting for control of al-Andalus brought about its downfall.
The _____ were most responsible for Rome's unrest and war in the final years of the republic.
Competition over _____ is the best explanation for the Punic Wars.
The Nile was great for trade because it was easy to travel _____.
north and south
Archaeologists have used _____ to learn about Roman art and culture.
The end of Roman expansion brought about an end to _____.
new sources of income
Leo III banned _____ because he viewed them as idols.