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civil liberties
individual legal and Constitutional protections against govt.
final interpreter of civil liberties
supreme court
bill of rights adopted primarily in response to what?
british abuses of the colonists' civil liberties
barron v. baltimore
bill of rights did not apply to states
guarentees of 1st amendment
freedom of speech, religion, assembly, press, and petition
gitlow v. new york
overturned barron v. baltimore b/c of 14th amendment
the supreme court has relied on the due process clause to do what?
incorporate the bill of rights into state law
why does the u.s. not have an established church?
establishment clause of the first amendment
polygamy has been rules as illegal despite what?
the free exercise clause of the 1st amendment
when can freedom of expression be limited?
when it endangers the govt.
near v. minnesota
no prior restraint for newspapers
what is the only area the supreme court has allowed prior restraint for newspapers?
high school
ny times v. u.s.
pentagon papers case
schenck v. u.s.
speech can be restrained if there is a clear and present danger
is obscenity protected under the Constitution?
ny times v. sullivan
say anything you want
what is symbolic speech?
expression by conduct (burning a flag, arm bands)
who regulates commercial speech?
federal trade movement
naacp v. alabama
did not have to turn over membership list
most of the wording of the bill of rights concerns what?
the rights of people accused of crimes
fourth amendement
search and seizure
exclusionary rule of the first amendment
illegally obtained evidence cannot be used in court
fifth amendment
prohibits self-incrimination; right to be silent.
miranda v. arizona
must be read your rights
gideon v. wainwright
must have attorney in felony cases
how are most court cases settled?
plea bargaining (plea to a lesser offense)
eighth amendment
cruel and unusual punishment
gregg v. georgia
capital punishment is legal
is the right to privacy specifically stated in the bill of rights?
roe v. wade
legalized abortion
griswold v. connecticut
privacy implied in bill of rights
civil rights
policies that extend basic rights to groups historically subject to discrimination
what does equality of opportunity mean?
everyone has a chance to succeed
what 3 amendments were passed after the civil war?
13, 14, 15
fourteenth emendment
EPC, Due Process, Incorporation Doctrine
Equal protection of the laws
does not deny states trating classes of citizens differently if the classification is reasonable
dredd scott v. sandford
slaves are property
13th amendment
ended slavery
jim crow laws
black codes (segregation laws)
plessy v. ferguson
"separate but equal"
brown v. board of education
overturned plessy and stated desegregation
after brown v. board, how did school integration in the south proceed?
martin luther king jr.
biggest civil rights leader
rosa parks
beginning of the civil rights movement
the civil rights act of 1964
denied federal funds to segregated schools
15th amendment
gave black men right to vote
guinn v. u.s.
outlawed grandfather clause
24th amendment
no poll tax
the white primary
only whites could vote to see who would run for election
19th amendment
women's suffrage
equal rights amendment
fell short by 3 states
men and women's pay
men get paid more than women
"gray liberation" movement
baby boomers approach the status of minority majority
americans with disabilities act
can't discriminate against the disabled
regents of the university of california v. bakke
shot down quota part of affirmative action
what is the goal of affirmative action?
equal results
adarand construction v. pena
beginning of supreme court lessening affirmative action
viewpoints of those for and against affirmative action
for - overcome past discriminations. against - reverse discrimination