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What is the Black box approach?
internal mental process that a person go through when making a decision

Black box – brain
what is stimulus response model?
Sales Presentation Buyer’s Hidden Mental Process SALE/ NO SALE
^ ^ ^
What are the Awareness of needs?
• fully aware of their needs
• easier to consumer to sell to b/c the know what they want and are willing to talk about it

• not fully aware of their needs

- the people don’t know why they are buying the product
What is the FABulous approach to buyer need satisfaction
A. Features
-Psychical characteristic of the product
B. Advantages
-Performed characteristic
Look for an act orientation
What does the product do?
How can the product be used?

C. Benefits
-Answer the question what is in it for me?
-the buyer is asking what is in it for me
What is the “correct” order
How do you determine buyer needs?
Trial close technique
-Selling technique that check the attitude of the prospects towards any aspect of the presentation

*Prospect-buyer you want to be your customer

Ask yourself: How am I doing?
Put the trial close at the end of your FAB
What is SELL Sequence?
S= Show the feature
E = Explain advantage
L= Lead into benefit
L = Let the customer talk = helps trial close