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What is the OT process
a-Initial interview
b-ID frame of reference
a-Data Analysis: ID life roles, diagnose role disfunc, make problems and assets lists
4)TX Planning
a-make objectives based on goals, problems and assets list
5)TX Implementation
7)DC planning
8)Terminating TX
Define Evaluation
the process of obtaining information/data necessary for intervention
Define Assessment
The tools that will be used during the eval process
Describe what a Goal is
a general statement that describes functional changes at some time in the future; long-term objectives
Describe what an Objective is
short term plans/steps in the process of achieving goals
What are the 3 elements in writing Objectives
1) Statement of Terminal Behavior: Action verb and the object being acted on
2) Condition: (may not be present) indicate conditions if necessary for the terminal behavior, i.e., verbal cues, adaptive equip, levels of assistance, etc
3-Criterion: (optinal)Expected std or degree of competence exp to achieve. Like how much, what long, how accurate?
What is the COTA role in the OT process
Referral: Can educate reg referring OT services for pt.
Screening: Can do some of the screening under OTR super
Evaluation: OT selects accessment tool, then COTA can carry out parts of it, more likely std test and if deemed competent
TX planning: COTA can contribute especially in the area of Occ Perfomance Areas
TX implementation: COTA can carry out activities, education, & documentation.
Re-Evaluation: COTA can contribute as directed
DC planning: COTA can contribute
Transitional services:COTA can coordinate and carry out, generrally OTR designs the plan