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The study of the gross structure of the body or the study of an organism and the interrelations of it's parts
The science and study of the vital processes, Mechanisms, and functions of an organ or system of organs
The branch of biology concerned wit the microscopic structure of tissues of a living organism
The study of the structural and functional changes caused by disease
The scientific study of muscular activity and the mechanics of body movement
The delicate Physiologic balance the body strives to maintain in it's internal environment
The abnormal and unhealthy state of all or part of the body where it is not capable of carrying on it's normal function
A disease that is perceived by the victim
A disease that is observable by another individual
Two hormones that are secreted by the adrenal glands
Adrenaline, Cortisol
The protective body sensation that warns of tissue damage or destruction
The two reactions to pain are
Psychological, Physical
Inhibited blood flow to an area of the body
A shyndrome that often startts as a simple muscle spasm that is complicated by muscle splinting and constricted circulations
Pain Spasm, Pain Cycle
Much of the discomfort in the condition of the previous question is from
Ischemia Pain
Psychologically, skillfully applied therapeutic massage helps to reduce pain by relieving
Anxiety and Fear
In a pain-spasm-pain-cycle, pain is intensified because of
Therapeutic massage on contracted ischemic tissue relieves
Chronic spasms and restores circulation
Pain is an indication of
Tissue damage or nerve irritaion
Generally, the more severe the pain, the more severe the
tissue damage
Bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites are
If pathogenic organisms enter the body in large enough numbers to multiply and become capable of destroying healthy tissue, they cause
If these organisms are confined to a small area, the conditions is considered a
Local infection
If these organisms are spread through the body the condition is termed
Systematic infection
When tissue is damaged from invading organisms or physical injury, substances are released that cause
Four signs and symptoms of inflammation
Swelling, redness, heat, and Pain
And elevated body temp that accompanies infectious diseases is
the fibrous connective tissue formed as a wound heals is
scar tissue
connective tissue fibers are produced in healing tissue by
fibro blast
Six possible direct causes of disease
-Disease producing organisms, -trauma, -environmental agents, -malnutrition, -malnutrition, -degenarative process, -stress.
Flight or Fight... Muscle tone
Flight or Fight.... Blood pressure
Flgiht of Fight.... Digestion
virtually stops
Flight or Fight.... Circulation to skeletal muscles
Blood is directed toward
Flight or Fight... Circulation to digestive organs
Red blood cells
Realesed and mobilizes
Order tissue heals
Skin, Muscle, Bone, Ligament, Nerve tissue...
Physiologically, skillfully applied therapeutic massage helps to reduce pain by
Providing pleasurable stumulation that is carried to the brain on thicker, faster, more numerous nerve fibers that actually overide or drownout pain signals
Wellness oriented individual attempts to maintain a balance between
Physical, mental, and emotional
Medial terminology, compound words are constructed of
Root words, prefix, suffix