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What is the most basic question of First philosophy or metaphysics, according to Aristotle?
What is it to be?
Is each particular thing a combination of matter and for for Aristotle?
Yes it is.
Does the form determine the essence of the particular thing?
It does determine the essence of the particular thing, if not, it would not be some particular kind of thing.
Can form or matter ever be found in isolation from one another, according to Aristotle?
You need both form and matter to have a thing, with the exception of god.
What 4 basic questions can be asked about any particular thing?
What is the thing?
What is it made of?
What made it?
What purpose does it serve?
What is the formal cause?
What is its material cause?
A marble
What is the efficient cause?
What is the final cause?
It was made for the purpose of creating a beautiful object.
What is the ultimate source of change, according to Aristotle?
Pure actuality (god)
Can matter move or form itself, according to Aristotle?
Is movement on god's part possible for Aristotle?
god is the unmoved mover, and if it moved it would imply imperfection.
What 2 meanings does Aristotle give to the term "substance"?
The 1st. judgement to be made regarding a thing is wether or not it exists. Then judgements need to be made "this-thereness"
Can essences be hierarchically ordered, according to Aristotle?
What are the ten basic categories of being?
Substance itself, quantity, quality, relationships, place, time, posture, constitution, passivity, and activity.
What is the psyche?
Is the form of the body and that which prevents humans from falling apart.
What 3 souls did Aristotle claim that humans have?
Vegetative Soul- The source of nourishment and reproduction
Animal Soul- Basis of sensation and ability to move.
Nous- The intelligent or spiritual soul
What are universals?
Something that more than one individual can be.
Do Universals exist seperately from particulars, according to Aristotle?
What is discursive reasoning, according to Aristotle?
Reasoning from one thing or aspect to another.