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why framers chose federalism?
they were convinced that governmental power poses a threat to individual liberty, therefore the excersice of gov power must restrained and that to divide gov power is to curb it and so prevent its abuse
what is federalism?
written constitution divides the oowers of gov on a territorial basis between a national gov and several regional govs called states.
what are the powers of national gov?
expressed powers found directly within the constitution
implied which are suggestes and inherent which belong to the national gov. because its the gov of a sovereing state within the world community
what powers are denied to national gov
to levy duties on exports or prohibit freedom of religion etc also because constitution is silent and because federal system doesnt intend the national gov to carry out those functions
what are the powers reserved to the states
the 10th amend. declares that are reserved which these are that the constitution doesnt grant to the national gov but doesnt deny to the states
powers denied to the states?
are expressly and inherently
exclusive powers
only exercise by the national gov, exp. power to coin money to make treaties and to lay (taxes)duties on imports
concurrent powers
both national and state posses and exercise exmp. define crime and set punishments for them and to claim private for public use
federal system and local gov
more than 87,000 local gov in US.
WHo is the supreme law of land?
United States COnstitution