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powers that belong strictly to the states
Reserved Powers
powers specifically not given to the nat'l and state gov'ts
Denied Powers
clause in Article 1, section 8 of the Constitution that gives Congrss the right to make all laws "necessary and proper" to carry out the powers expressed in the other clauses of Article 1
Elastic Clause
pwers that the national government may exercise simply because it is a government
Inherent Clause
powers that both the national and state governments have
Concurrent Powers
statement in Article VI of the Constituion establishing that the Constitution and treaties of the US "shall be the supreme Law of the Land"
Supremacy Clause
the expressed powrs of Congress that are itemized and numbered 1-18 in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution
Enumerated Powers
powers the Constition grants or delegates to the national government
Delegated Powers
powers directly stated in the Constitution
Expressed Powers
powers that the government requires to carry out the expressed constitutional powers
Implied Powers