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The division of cells parrallel to a surface
Periclinal Division
A pore in a leaf regulated by two guard cells; controld movements of water vapor, CO2 and 02
Flared root that extends from a tree trunk to provide stability in thin soils
Buttress Root
A description of the shoot apical meristem as a three part dome
Zone Model
An undergroud food storage stem shaped like a bulb but consisting primarily of stem tissure rather than thick leaves
According to the cell layer model of shoot growth, the outer layer of cells in an apical meristem; equivalent to the outer part of the peripheral zone
A pettern of leaf veins in most dicots and ferns, also known as reticulate venation, in which leaf veins form branching networks
Netted Venation
The basic pattern of leaf arrangement
A region of dividing cells at each internode that allows the stem to grow rapidly all along its lenght; common in grasses
Intercalary Meristem
A leaf in which the blade is divided into leaflets
Compound Leaf
A sharp outgrowth of epidermal or cortex cells
One of several flattened structures on a brown algas thallus that provides most of the surface area for photosynthesis; the flattened part of a leaf
A plant that grows on another plant for support but nourishes itself.
The simplest, earliest-evolving stele, consisting of a solid cylinder comprised of both xylem and pholoem.
The region of petiole where a leaf seperates from a deciduous plant.
Abscission Zone
In a shoot apex, shoot initial layers underlying the tunica, roughly equvalent to the central mother zone, the inner parts of the peripheral zone, and the pith zone.
Loosely organized photosynthetic cells beneath the epidermis of a leaf.
Spongy Mesophyll
A vascular bundle inside a petiole or leaf blade.
Leaf Vein
A slimy polysaccharide that lubricates the passage of roots through soil; produced by outer cells of the root cap.
A slender, coiling structure that attatches a climbing plant to a supporting structure; can be modified leaves or modified stems. See also thigmotropism.
A horizontal, aboveground stem, also called a runner. Compare with rizome.
A plant that thrives in dry, desert environments.