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who said the checkers speech
who was elected in 1952
what did ike do when he couldnt promote peace in korea
he threatened to use nuclear weapons
elected on a phony war record, accused Dean Acheson of employing 205 commies when he had concrete evidence for only 57 commies
who wrote An American Dilemma which portrayed the paradox between American beliefs and its treatment of blacks
Gunnar Myrdal wrote An American Dilemma
Brown V. board
reversed plessy V. ferguson
what forced ike to react to discrimination in 1957
Ike sent troops to allow troops into a school in Little rockk arkansas since the governor, Orval Faubus had called the national guard to keep blacks from getting into the school
Civil Rights Act
set up a civil rights commission to investigate violations of civil rights and authorized federal injunction to protect voting rights
what did MLK help form
The Christian Leadership Conference (1957) and SNCC
operation wetback
keep illegals from hurting the braceros program
when was the interstate highway act passed?
john foster dulles
promised to eradicated communism/rollback commie gains
Ho chi Minh
Vietnamese leader who had appealed to Wilson for help and we refused.By 1954 we were funding almost all of the costs of the Colonial war. dulles favored intense bombing but Ike didnt so Dienbienphu fell to the nationalists and was halved at the 17th parallel
why were immigration laws changed
they were changed so that hungarians who had retaliated against Soviet rule could come over
when did we engineer a coup to put in Mohammed Pahlevi as shah of Iran
what was the Ike Doctrine
aid thru military/economic aid but no troops
landum Griffin ACt
labor force leaders had to keep their books clean, prevent bullying tactics/boycotting/types of picketing
results of Sputnik
1) we thought they could launch intercontinental ballistic missiles
2)National Aeronautics and space administration to end the "missile gap"
3)The National Defense and Education Act
what killed opportunities of anti nuclear agreements in 1959
a US spy plane was shot down
1960 who was the first Catholic president
what two places attained statehood in 1959
Hawaii and Alaska
who wrote the Feminine Mystique
Betty Friedan