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What system is composed of various glands that produces signaling molecues?
Endocrine Systems
Molecules are called?
Neurotransmitters are called?
This is produced by cells,which affects other cell in a tissue?
Local Signaling
These chemicals produce by animals and which will affect animals of the same species.
This gland is found in what region?
It produces 2 very important homrones called.
Releasing Hormones
Inhibiting Hormones
This gland is located deep within the brain between the 2 cereberal hemisphere. It produces a hormones called.
Melatonin and Seratonin
A gland that controls, it produces and how it affect all other endocrine gland.
Mater gland
The Posterior lobe is called and the Anterior lobe is called?
This gland regulates the body metabolism.
This gland is embedded in the rear wall of the thyroid gland, it is called.
Also called Parathormone
Thymosin proudces and it regulates the immune response of the body.
There are 2 glands that sit on top of the kidneys. They are triangle-shaped. They have to regions,what are they called.
Cortex and Medulla
These are cells that produces hormones.
Pancreatic Islet
These hormones can be divided into 2 main types. They act on target cells. Mechanism of actions
Steroid Hormones
Non-Sterioid Hormones
It is transported out of the nucleus into cytoplasm and then combines with what?
MRNA-Messenger Rival Nucleui Acid
Hormones that move into the bloodstream and transported to the site of their hormones
Mechanism Actions
They diffuse into the cytoplams of the cell membrane and into the nucleus and comine with receptable molecule to form.
Hormone Receptor Complex
It moves into the bloodstream and the are not lipid soluable they are water soluable. They can't diffuse. Attach to receptable molecules
Non-Steroid Hormone-Gluagcon
The second messenger to molecules. It will activate enzymes within cells which are called protein.
Enzymes cells that cause the breakdown of AMP and prevent build of substances within the cells
ADH is called. This prevents the releasing of water in the urine is called.
Anti Diuertic Hormone
It stimulates the ejection from the mammary gland suckling
This stimulates the adrenal gland to produces it hormones.
ACTH -Adrenal
It stimulates the thyroid to produce it's hormones.
TSH-Thryoid Stimulating Hormone
Acts on testes and testerone. Also,acts on the ovary and stimulates the maturing egg.
What is the relationship of Prolactin and Oxytocin?
prolactin -ORL Mammary Glands-Stimulates and sustanins milk production. Oxytoicn-Stimulates the ejection from the mammary gland and suckling.
This hormones affect the cells that cause growth and the division of cell that growth dividion.
Somatotropin or Growth Hormone
Ex. Acromegaly
This hormone produce by the adrenal cortex. Its role is to regulate the glucose production.
It called to fight or flight hormone.
Adrenalim or Epinephrine