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propior, propius + dat
proximus, a , um + dat
inimicus, a ,um + dat
inutilis, e + dat
par, paris + dat
equal to
impar, imparis + dat
unequal to
fidus, a ,um + dat
faithful to
infidus, infida, infidum + dat
unfaithful to
gratus, a, um + dat
pleasing to
iniucundus, a , um +dat
unpleasing to
ingratus, a , um + dat
iratus, a, um + dat
angry toward/ at
aptus,a,um + dat
idoneus, a, um + dat
ignosco, -ere, ignovi, ignotum + dat
to forgive,pardon
impero (1) + dat
to order, command
noceo, nocere,nocui, nocitum + dat
to harm
nubo, nubere, nupsi, nuptum + dat
to marry (a woman to a man)
parco, -ere, peperci, parsurum + dat
to spare
persuadeo, persuadere, persuasi, persuasum + dat
to persuade
placeo, -ere, placui, placitum + dat
to please
servio, servire, servivi, servitum + dat
to serve
studeo, studere, studui + dat
to study
succurro, ere, -cucurri, -cursum + dat
to help
praepono, -ponere, -posui, -positum + dat
to put in charge
impono, -ponere, -posui, -positum +dat
to impose
antepono, -ponere, -posui, -positum +dat
to prefer
praefacio, -facere, -feci, -factum +dat
to put in charge
infero, -ferre, -tuli, -latum +dat
to bring/ inflict upon
inicio, inicere, inieci, iniectum +dat
to throw in/ on, inspire
obicio, obicere, obieci, obiectum + dat
to throw in the way of, expose
aestas, aestatis
f summer
ianua, ae
pectus, pectoris
n breast, heart
praemium, ii
reward, prize
foveo, fovere, fovi, fotum
to comfort, nuture, cherish
miror, mirari, miratus sum

to marvel at, admire, wonder
sapio, sapere, sapivi
to have good taste, have good sense, be wise
subrideo, -ridere, -risi, -risum
to smile upon