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Innervation of muscles of abdominal wall
Rectus Abdominus
most superficial abdominal muscle covered by anterior rectus sheath

verticle fibers
External abdominal oblique
superficial lateral abdominal muscle

hands in pocket fibers
Linea alba
facia that divides rectus abdominus
Internal abdominal oblique
deep to external abdominal oblique

fibers up and inward
Transverse abdominus
deepest ab muscle

fibers are horizontal

under is posterior rectus sheath
Inguinal ligament
formed by the rolling under of the external abdominal oblique aponeurosis

goes from ASIS to pubic tubercle
Inguinal canal
leads from outside ab wall inside ab cavity

contains spermatic cord in male and round ligament of uterus in female
Pelvic diaphragm
muscle floor of pelvis