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Le Lio
Used guerrilla warfare to defeat the Chinese invaders
Ho Chi Minh
A world wanderer and man of many names
Organized a resistance movement called the league for the independence of Vietnam
Domino theory
Knock the first one over adn the rest fall
Ngo Dinh Diem
A former government official under the French
For Vietnemese communists
Robert S. McNamara
Had advised President Johnson that he would have to increase the U.S. military
Tonkin Gulf Resolution
Both houses of Congress overwhelmingly
Operation Rolling Thunder
A bombing campaign against military targets in the North
Ho Chi Minh Trail
A network of jungle paths
Chemicals that strip the land of vegetation
Search and Destroy Missions
That attempted to drive the Vietcong from their hideouts
To provide security in rural areas
People who opposed the war
People who supported the war's goals
Students for a Democratic Society
The pacifist group included Women Strike for Peace and that National Committee for a Sane Nuclear Policy
J. William Fulbright
Of Arkansas
Tet Offensive
Bring down South Vietnams government as the people rallied behind their "liberators"
WIlliam Westmoreland
The commander of U.S. forces in Vietnam
Eugene McCarthy
A critic of the war
Robert F. Kennedy
Was the brother of the slain president Kennedy and a former U.S. attorney general
Richard J. Daley
Ordered helmeted police to clear out protestors
Richard Nixon
Dominated the Republican National Convention in Miami Beach, Florida