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Autonomic Nervous System is composed of?
visceral efferents
Autonomic nervous system involunary or vouluntary to what?
involuntary to:
smooth muscles
cardiac muscles
How many nuerons are needed in the ANS from spial cord to effector organ?
2 divisions of ANS
parasympathetic and sympathetic
Position of 1st cell body origin in sympathetic?
lateral horns T1-L2
Position of 2nd cell body in sympathetic?
sympathetic trunk for periphery or organs above diaphragm

collateral ganglia near aorta for below diaphragm
Sympathetic's effect
speeds up everything but digestion it inhibits
Position of cell body origin in parasympathetic
nuclei of CN III, VII, IX, X and S2-4
Position of 2nd cell body origin in parasympathetic?
ganglia on or near organ innervated
Effect of parasympathetic
slows down everything but digestion it speeds up
no effect on peripheral vessels or sweat glands because parasympathetic does not go to periphery