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Limiting Factors
any biotic or abiotic factor that restricts the existence, numbers, reproduction, or distribution of organisms.
the ability of an organism to withstand fluctuations in biotic and abiotic environmental factors
primary succession
the colonization of barren land by communities of organisms
climax community
a stable, mature community that undergoes little or no change in species
secondary succession
the sequence of changes that takes place after an existing community is severely disrupted in some way
a large group of ecosystems that share the same type of climax community
photic zone
the portion of the marine biome that is shallow enough for sunlight to penetrate
aphotic zone
deeper water that never receives sunlight
a coastal body of water, partially surrounded by land, in which freshwater and salt water mix
intertidal zone
the portion of the shoreline that lies between the high and low tide lines
small organisms that drift and float in the waters of the photic zone
treeless land with long summer days and short periods of winter sunlight
also called the boreal or northern coniferous forest
an arid region with sparse to almost nonexistent plant life
large communties covered with rich soils, grasses, and similar plants
temperate or deciduous forests
dominated by broad-leaved hardwood trees that lose their folliage annually
tropical rain forest
have warm temperatures, wet weather, and lush plant growth