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France's attempt to reestablish its rule in Vietnam after WWII
French Indochina
Leader of the Communist Party and orchestrated Vietnam's growing independence movement from exile in the Societ Union and China
Ho Chi Minh
Who takes control of Vietnam in 1940?
organization whose goal it was to win Vietnam's independence from foreign rule
Declares Vietnam an independent nation on September 2, 1945 after Allied forces defeat Japan
Ho Chi Minh
established the domino theory
Vietminh overrun French at what location in May of 1954?
Dien Bien Phu
divided Vietnam along the 17th parallel
Geneva Accords
Controlled North Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh and Communists
Controlled South Vietnam
South Vietnam President
Ngo Dinh Diem
Cancelled nationwide elections, refused land distribution to peasants, and restricted Buddhist practices
Ngo Dinh Diem
Communist opposition group in the South
Ho Chi Minh uses this network of paths along the borders to supply arms to Vietcong
Ho Chi Minh Trail
guerilla tactics
surprise attacks
granted Johnson broad military powers in Vietnam after the attempted attack on American destroyer, the USS Maddox
Tonkin Gulf Resolution
Operation Rolling Thunder
first sustained bombing of North Vietnam
Secretary of Defense
Robert McNamara
Secretary of State
Dean Rusk
American commander in South Vietnam
General William Westmoreland
Army of the Republic of Vietnam
South Vietnamese Army
What did the Vietcong use to their advantage against American forces?
hit-and-run ambush tactics, knowledge of jungle terrain, tunnels
tracking of Vietcong killed in battle
body count
introduced the strategy of destroying moral through a war of attrition with the concept of the body count
Supplied Vietcong
Soviet Union and China
helped found the US Army Special Forces, or Green Berets
Edward G. Lansdale
a gasoline-based bomb that set fire to the jungle
a leaf-killing toxic chemical
Agent Orange
strategy which uprooted civilians with suspected ties to Vietcong in which they killed livestock and burned villages
search-and-destroy missions
questioning in American government by the people
credibility gap
Senator J. William Fulbright led these which contributed to growing doubts about the war
Fulbright hearings
Selective Service System
majority of Vietnam fighters were in what class?
lower-class or minorities (working class)
youth movement which demanded sweeping changes in American society
New Left
founded in 1960 by Tom Hayden and Al Haber, this group called for restoration of participatory democracy and greater individual freedom
Students for a Democratic Society
this organization criticized the nations business and government institutions, calling it the American "machine"
Free Speech Movement
those who strongly opposed the war
those who strongly supported the war
surprise attack on South Vietnam capital which lasted for one month
Tet Offensive
replacement of Robert McNamara after his resignation
Clark Clifford
Sirhan Sirhan
assisinated Robert Kennedy
National Secretary Adviser
Henry Kissinger
Kissinger and Nixons plan to end Americans involvement in Vietnam
gradual withdrawal of US troops in order for South Vietnamese to take on a more active combat role in the war
moderate, mainstream Americans who quietly supported the US efforts in Vietnam
silent majority
small village massacred by US platoon, killing 200 innocent civilians
My Lai
massive student protest led to burning of the ROTC building in this university
Kent State University
document revealing that the government had drawn plans for entering the war even as Jonson promised that he would not send US troopers ot Vietnam
Pentagon Papers
North Vietnams chief negotiator
Le Duc Tho
communist group that seized power in Cambodia
Khmer Rouge, led by Pol Pot
US policy changes after Vietnam War
abolisted the draft, established War Powers Act
stipulated that a preisdent must inform Congress within 48 hours of sending forces into a hostile are without a declaration of war and may reamin no longer than 90 days unless Congres approves action or declares war
War Powers Act