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dawes plan
provided a $200 million loan from U.S. and set a more realistic schedule for germanys reparations payments
2 treadties that raised hope for peace
locarno pact and kellogg peace pact
2 effects of WWI on the nations of Europe
decline of european dominance in world affairs and sudden rise of democracies
territorial integrity
territorial domains
armed aggression
wars of conquest
a political movement that believes in an extreme for of nationalisim
making peace in hope of avoiding war
wiemar republic
democratic government set up in germany; many weaknesses from the start
new deal
a program of relief, recovery, and reform:made br roosevelt
munich conference
began on sep.29 1938; meeting about hitlers demands; made WWII inevitable
puppet government
a government controlled by on outside power
free enterprise
system based on market economy
standard of living
access to necessities and comforts, drastically declined
requiring absolute loyalty and obedience to the state