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John F. Kennedy
Of Massachusetts eventually emerged as the Democratic candidate
Lyndon B. Johnson
Who had failed in his own attempt to obtain the Democratic nomination
Flexible response
Preferred to have a number of options in case of international crises
Peace Corps
Sent American volunteers to work for two years in developing countries
Alliance for Progress
Offered billions of dollars in aid to participating countries
Fidel Castro
Led an uprising that succeeded in overthrowing the Cuban dictator
Berlin Wall
The most widely recognized symbol of the Cold War
Cuban missile crisis
Marked a historic turning point in U.S.-Soviet relations
Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
End the testing of nuclear bombs in the atmosphere and underwater
Hot line
Was also set up between the United States and the Soviet Union
Jacqueline Kennedy
Contributed to the glamour and mystique that surrounded the Kennedy White House
Donna Shalala
One of the many Americans motivated to action by Kennedy's vision
Rober Kennedy
For the position of attorney general, Kennedy selected his younger brother
New Frontier
John F. Kennedy's presidential campaign agenda
Area Redevelopment Act
A bill to provide financial assistance to economically distressed regions that former president Eisenhower
Micheal Harrington
Published "The Other America," A well-documented study of poverty in the U.S.
Lee Harvey Oswald
One of the suspects
Warren Commission
Spent 10 months reviewing the evidence
War on Poverty
Johnson sent to Congress a bill calling for the creation of an
Office of Economic Opportunity
With a budget of 1 billion
Volunteers in Service to America
A domestic version of the Peace Corps. Congress passed the antipoverty legislation in late August
Barry Goldwater
A conservative from Arizona
A national health insurance program for people over age 65
A government program that provides free health care to the needy
Great Society
Domestic reform
Elementary and Secondary Education Act
Which provided 1.3 billion in aid to schools in poor areas
Robert C. Weaver
Headed this new department, making him to the first African American member of a presidential cabinet
Corporation for Public Broadcasting
A nonprofit organization dedicated to offering educational television programming
Rachel Carson
Contributed to this environmental movement
Earl Warren
The Court further defined and extended individual individual rights
Reynolds V. Sims
The court further extended equality in the voting booth by affirming the "one person, one vote"