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tundra climate
a cold regoin with low rainfall, lying gernerally between subarctic and polar climate regions
first layer of soil and has humas, insects, and plants
giant streams of ocean water that move from warm to cold or from cold to warm areas
plant succession
the gradual process by which one group of olants replaces anorher
a wide flat grasslands region that streatches from ukraineacruss souther russia
desert climate
a climate which is try much of the time and has many barren rocky or sandy areas has not day tempand repidccooling at night. also has dry air and chear skies
air pressure
the weight of the air measured by a barometer
steppe climate
a dry climate type gemerally pound between desert a wet climate regions
the process by which plants convert sunlight into chemical energy
layer under the topsoil only deep roots of some plants like trees
an instument that measures air pressure
all the plants and animals in an aled tugether with the nonliving parts of the enviroment
the unstable weather where a large amount of warm air meets a large amout of cold air
food chain
a series of organisms in which energy is passed along
low latitude climates
the region close to the equator which has two main tyoes of climates
high latitude climates
region close to the poles. have cold temperature and little precipitation
plant communities
groups of plants that live in the same area
highland climates
the climates that mountains have varies depending on where you die on th mountain
humid tropical climates
a climate that is warm and rainy all year
middle latitude climates
climate region which is located between 66.n and s and 23.s n and s mostly has coolor cold winters and warm of hot summers some has wet and dry seasons
substances promothin growth