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What is a saga?
Norse Legends
What is the Middle Ages?
A period from A.D.500 to 1500 during which feudalism replacedcentralized government and the Roman Catholic church became a powerful force in Europe
What is a monarch?
A ruler or head of country
What is the feudal system?
A system where the owner of the land mangaed both the land and its people
What is a serf?
A peasant in the Middle Ages who was bound to the land
What are the Crusades?
A series of wars fought by European Christians between A.D. 1096 and 1270
What is the Renaissance?
Revival of interest in the arts, literature, culture, and learning of ancient Freece and Rome
Who is Leif Eriksson?
A Norse, trader, and sailor
Who is Marco Polo?
Made a book "Description of the World" which sparked the interest in knowledge called the Renaissance
Who is Michelangelo?
Created beautiful paintings and drawings to show nature and people as they really looked
What is navigation?
The science of piloting ships
What is a caravel?
A ship that the portuguese shipbuilders made. It used triangular sails. These ships could easily sail against the wind and work their way in and out along coastlines
What is the Age of Exploration?
During this period sea captains and ecplorers from many different European countries sailed the oceans and mapped the world more accurately than ever had been done before
What is a enslaved person?
One forced to serve another person in ways decided by the slaveholder
Who is Prince Henry?
Was a leader and had the idea of making ships easier to navigate
Who is Mansa Musa?
The most powerful out of all of the Mali Kings, persuaded some of Islam's finest scholars and architects to work in Timbuktu
Who is Bartholomeu Dias?
He sailed as far south as present-day South Africa
Who is Vasco da Gama?
Portuguese explorer who traveled south along the coast of Africa
What is mutiny?
Seize the captain and officers and take control of the ship
What is Taino?
The Native Americans who lived on the island that Christopher Columbus discovered
What is a colony?
A settlement made in another land by people who are ruled by their home countries
Who is Christopher Columbus?
A very famous explorer who discovered many lands
Who is Queen Isabella?
Spanish Monarch
What is a plantation?
Large farms taht usually produce only one crop to be sold
What is the Columbian Exchange?
The exchange of goods and ideas and people between Europe and the Americas came
What is a strait?
A narrow channel of water
What is the Northwest Passage?
A possible waterway
Who is vasco Nunez de Balboa?
Spanish explorer who was the first European to discover a way across the Americas
Who is Ferdinand Magellan?
First to find out how big the ocean is
Who is John Cabot?
Traveled across the Atlantic in search of Asia
Who is giovanni da Verrazano?
The French hired him to search for the Northwest Passage
Who is Jacques Cartier?
Made 2 voyages