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19. The sum of the deviations of each data value from this measure of central location will always be zero. A. ModeB. MeanC. MedianD. Standard deviation
B. Mean
20. For any data set, which measures of central location have only one value? A. Mode and medianB. Mode and meanC. Mode and standard deviationD. Mean and median
D. Mean and median
21. Which measures of central location are not affected by extremely small or extremely large values? A. Mean and medianB. Mean and modeC. Mode and medianD. Standard deviation and mean
C. Mode and median
22. What is the relationship among the mean, median and mode in a symmetric distribution? A. They are all equalB. The mean is always the smallest valueC. The mean is always the largest valueD. The mode is the largest value
A. They are all equal
23. For a data set, half of the observations are always greater than the A. MedianB. ModeC. MeanD. Standard deviation
A. Median
24. What is the lowest level of measurement that a median can be computed? A. NominalB. OrdinalC. IntervalD. Ratio
B. Ordinal
25. For a data set with an odd number of observations that have been sorted from smallest to largest values, where is the median located? A. nB. n/2C. (n + 1)/2D. n + ½
C. (n + 1)/2
26. Which one of the following is referred to as the population mean? A. µB. sC. sD. c
A. µ
27. Fifteen accounting majors had an average grade of 90 on a finance exam. Seven marketing majors averaged 85, while ten finance majors averaged 93 on the same exam. What is the weighted mean for the 32 students taking the exam? A. 89.84B. 89.33C. 89.48D. Impossible to determine without more information
A. 89.84
28. On a survey questionnaire, students were asked to indicate their class in college. If there were only four choices from which to choose, which measure(s) of central location would be appropriate to use for the data generated by that questionnaire item? A. Mean and medianB. Mean and modeC. Mode and medianD. Mode only
C. Mode and median
29. What is the median of 26, 30, 24, 32, 32, 31, 27 and 29? A. 32B. 29C. 30D. 29.5
D. 29.5
30. The net incomes (in $millions) of a sample of steel fabricators are: $86, $67, $86 and $85. What is the modal net income? A. $67B. $85C. $85.5D. $86
D. $86
31. A stockbroker placed the following order for a customer:· 50 shares of Kaiser Aluminum preferred at $104 a share· 100 shares of GTE preferred at $25.25 a share· 20 shares of Boston Edison preferred at $9.125 a shareWhat is the weighted arithmetic mean price per share? A. $25.25B. $79.75C. $103.50D. $46.51
D. $46.51
33. A sample of single persons receiving social security payments revealed these monthly benefits: $826, $699, $1,087, $880, $839 and $965. How many observations are below the median? A. 0B. 1C. 2D. 3E. 3.5
D. 3
34. The number of work stoppages in a highly industrialized region for selected months are: 6, 0, 10, 14, 8 and 0. What is the median number of stoppages? A. 0B. 6C. 7D. 8E. 3
C. 7
35. Assume a student received the following grades for the semester: History, B; Statistics, A; Spanish, C; and English, C. History and English are 5 credit hour courses, Statistics a 4 credit hour course and Spanish a 3 credit hour course. If 4 grade points are assigned for an A, 3 for a B and 2 for a C, what is the weighted mean for the semester grades? A. 4.00B. 1.96C. 2.76D. 3.01
C. 2.76
36. A sample of the paramedical fees charged by clinics revealed these amounts: $55, $49, $50, $45, $52 and $55. What is the median charge? A. $47.50B. $51.00C. $52.00D. $55.00
B. $51.00
37. The lengths of time (in minutes) several underwriters took to review applications for similar insurance coverage are: 50, 230, 52 and 57. What is the median length of time required to review an application? A. 54.5B. 141.0C. 97.25D. 109.0
A. 54.5
39. For the most recent seven years, the U.S. Department of Education reported the following number of bachelor's degrees awarded in computer science: 4,033; 5,652; 6,407; 7,201; 8,719; 11,154; 15,121. What is the annual arithmetic mean number of degrees awarded? A. About 12,240B. About 8,327C. About 6,217D. About 15,962
B. About 8,327
40. A question in a market survey asks for a respondent's favorite car color. Which measure of central location should be used to summarize this question? A. ModeB. MedianC. MeanD. Standard deviation
A. Mode
41. Sometimes, data has two values that have the highest and equal frequencies. In this case, the distribution of the data can best be summarized as A. symmetricB. bimodal (having two modes)C. positively skewedD. negatively skewed
B. bimodal (having two modes)
42. A disadvantage of using an arithmetic mean to summarize a set of data is that the arithmetic mean A. sometimes has two values.B. can be used for interval and ratio data.C. is always different from the median.D. can be biased by one or two extremely small or large values.
D. can be biased by one or two extremely small or large values.
43. The mean, as a measure of central location would be inappropriate for which one of the following? A. Ages of adults at a senior citizen centerB. Incomes of lawyersC. Number of pages in textbooks on statisticsD. Marital status of college students at a particular university
D. Marital status of college students at a particular university
44. What is a disadvantage of the range as a measure of dispersion? A. Based on only two observationsB. Can be distorted by a large meanC. Not in the same units as the original dataD. Has no disadvantage
A. Based on only two observations
45. Rank the measures of dispersion in terms of their relative computational difficulty from least to most. A. Mode, median, meanB. Range, mean deviation, varianceC. Variance, mean deviation, rangeD. There is no difference
B. Range, mean deviation, variance
46. Rank the measures of dispersion in terms of their relative ease of interpretation from least to most. A. Mode, median, meanB. Range, mean deviation, varianceC. Variance, mean deviation, rangeD. There is no difference
B. Range, mean deviation, variance
47. A purchasing agent for a trucking company is shopping for replacement tires for their trucks from two suppliers. The suppliers' prices are the same. However, Supplier A's tires have an average life of 60,000 miles with a standard deviation of 10,000 miles. Supplier B's tires have an average life of 60,000 miles with a standard deviation of 2,000 miles.Which of the following statements is true? A. The two distributions of tire life are the sameB. On average, Supplier A's tires have a longer life then Supplier B's tiresC. The life of Supplier B's tire is more predictable than the life of Supplier A's tiresD. The dispersion of Supplier A's tire life is less than the dispersion of Supplier B's tire life
C. The life of Supplier B's tire is more predictable than the life of Supplier A's tires
48. The sum of the differences between sample observations and the sample mean is A. ZeroB. The mean deviationC. The rangeD. The standard deviation
A. Zero
49. What is a unique characteristic of the mean deviation? A. It is based on only two observations.B. It is based on deviations from the mean.C. It uses absolute values.D. It is only applied to skewed distributions.
C. It uses absolute values.
50. If the variance of the "number of daily parking tickets issued" is 100, the variance is defined as A. "number of daily parking tickets".B. "number of daily parking tickets" squared.C. the absolute value of the "number of daily parking tickets".D. the square root of the "number of daily parking tickets".
B. "number of daily parking tickets" squared.
51. Which of the following measures of dispersion are based on deviations from the mean? A. VarianceB. Standard deviationC. Mean deviationD. All of the above
D. All of the above
52. What is the relationship between the variance and the standard deviation? A. Variance is the square root of the standard deviationB. Variance is the square of the standard deviationC. Variance is twice the standard deviationD. No constant relationship between the variance and the standard deviation
B. Variance is the square of the standard deviation
53. According to Chebyshev's Theorem, at least what percent of the observations lie within plus and minus 1.75 standard deviations of the mean? A. 56%B. 95%C. 67%D. Cannot compute because it depends on the shape of the distribution
C. 67%
54. For a sample of similar sized all-electric homes, the March electric bills were (to the nearest dollar): $212, $191, $176, $129, $106, $92, $108, $109, $103, $121, $175 and $194. What is the range? A. $100B. $130C. $120D. $112
C. $120
55. Which measure of dispersion disregards the algebraic signs (plus and minus) of each difference between X and the mean? A. Standard deviationB. Mean deviationC. Arithmetic meanD. Variance
B. Mean deviation
56. The following are the weekly amounts of welfare payments made by the federal government to a sample of six families: $139, $136, $130, $136, $147 and $136. What is the range? A. $0B. $14C. $52D. $17
D. $17
57. The weights of a sample of crates ready for shipment to Moscow, Russia are (in kilograms): 103, 97, 101, 106 and 103. What is the mean deviation? A. 0 kgB. 6.9 kgC. 102.0 kgD. 2.4 kgE. 9.0 kg
D. 2.4 kg
58. The closing prices of a common stock have been 61.5, 62, 61.25, 60.875 and 61.5 for the past week. What is the range? A. $1.250B. $1.750C. $1.125D. $1.875
C. $1.125
59. Ten experts rated a newly developed chocolate chip cookie on a scale of 1 to 50. Their ratings were: 34, 35, 41, 28, 26, 29, 32, 36, 38 and 40. What is the mean deviation? A. 8.00B. 4.12C. 12.67D. 0.75
B. 4.12
60. The weights (in kilograms) of a group of crates being shipped to Panama are 95, 103, 110, 104, 105, 112 and 92. What is the mean deviation? A. 5.43 kgB. 6.25 kgC. 0.53 kgD. 52.50 kg
A. 5.43 kg
61. A sample of the personnel files of eight male employees revealed that, during a six-month period, they lost the following number of days due to illness: 2, 0, 6, 3, 10, 4, 1 and 2. What is the mean deviation (in days)? A. 1B. 0C. 3 1/8D. 2 3/8
D. 2 3/8
62. A sample of the monthly amounts spent for food by families of four receiving food stamps approximates a symmetrical distribution. The sample mean is $150 and the standard deviation is $20. Using the Empirical Rule, about 95 percent of the monthly food expenditures are between what two amounts? A. $100 and $200B. $85 and $105C. $205 and $220D. $110 and $190
D. $110 and $190
63. The ages of all the patients in the isolation ward of the hospital are 38, 26, 13, 41 and 22. What is the population variance? A. 106.8B. 91.4C. 240.3D. 42.4
A. 106.8
64. A sample of assistant professors on the business faculty at state supported institutions in Ohio revealed the mean income to be $72,000 for 9 months with a standard deviation of $3,000. Using Chebyshev's Theorem, what proportion of the faculty earns more than $66,000 but less than $78,000? A. At least 50%B. At least 25%C. At least 75%D. At least 100%
C. At least 75%
65. A population consists of all the weights of all defensive tackles on Sociable University's football team. They are: Johnson, 204 pounds; Patrick, 215 pounds; Junior, 207 pounds; Kendron, 212 pounds; Nicko, 214 pounds; and Cochran, 208 pounds. What is the population standard deviation (in pounds)? A. About 4B. About 16C. About 100D. About 40
A. About 4
66. The weights (in grams) of the contents of several small bottles are 4, 2, 5, 4, 5, 2 and 6. What is the sample variance? A. 6.92B. 4.80C. 1.96D. 2.33
D. 2.33
67. The distribution of a sample of the outside diameters of PVC gas pipes approximates a symmetrical, bell-shaped distribution. The arithmetic mean is 14.0 inches, and the standard deviation is 0.1 inches. About 68 percent of the outside diameters lie between what two amounts? A. 13.5 and 14.5 inchesB. 13.0 and 15.0 inchesC. 13.9 and 14.1 inchesD. 13.8 and 14.2 inches
C. 13.9 and 14.1 inches
68. If the sample variance for a frequency distribution consisting of hourly wages was computed to be 10, what is the sample standard deviation? A. $1.96B. $4.67C. $3.16D. $10.00
C. $3.16
69. Based on the Empirical Rule, what percent of the observations will lie between plus or minus two standard deviations from the mean? A. 95%B. 5%C. 68%D. 2.5%
A. 95%
71. Which measure of central location is used to determine an average annual percent increase? A. Arithmetic meanB. Weighted meanC. ModeD. Geometric mean
D. Geometric mean
72. The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration reported that passenger revenues on international flights increased from $528 million in 1986 to $5,100 million in 2009. What is the geometric mean annual percent increase in international passenger revenues? A. 10.4B. 27.9C. 103.6D. 9.96E. 2814
A. 10.4
73. The Investment Research Institute reported in its Mutual Fund Fact Book that the number of mutual funds increased from 5725 in 1999 to 7977 in 2009. What is the geometric mean annual percent increase in the number of funds? A. 1.034B. 3.37C. 39.34D. 71.77E. 633.5
B. 3.37
74. Production of passenger cars in Japan increased from 3.94 million in 1999 to 6.74 million in 2009. What is the geometric mean annual percent increase? A. 4.0B. 1.9C. 5.5D. 16.6E. 47.3
C. 5.5
75. The number of students at a local university increased from 2,500 students to 5,000 students in 10 years. Based on a geometric mean, the university grew at an average percentage rate of A. 2,500 students per yearB. 1.071 percent per yearC. 7.1 percent per yearD. 250 students per year
C. 7.1 percent per year
76. In the calculation of the arithmetic mean for grouped data, which value is used to represent all the values in a particular class? A. The upper limit of the class.B. The lower limit of the class.C. The frequency of the class.D. The cumulative frequency preceding the class.E. The class midpoint.
E. The class midpoint.