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When metal is heated, some of its extra energy is given off as:
a. sound
b. color
c. light
d. matter
You are able to see yourself in a mirror due to:
a. absorption
b. spectrum
c. reflection
d. refraction
What color light is reflected by a red object?
a. red
b. blue
c. white
d. all
What causes a rainbow?
a. reflected light
b. refracted light
c. artificial light
d. absorbed light
refracted light
Give examples to transparent, translucent and opaque matter
transparent: glass
transluctent: wax paper
opaque: your body
How is artificially produced light different from naturally produced light?
artificial light is person-made and natural light is by nature.
artificial: light bulb
natural: sunlight
What are the colors of the visible spectrum?
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet
a. Why do some objects appear white?

b. Why do some appear black?
a. It it reflects almost all the colors it appears white;

b. If it absorbs almost all the colors it appears black
How is color useful and important to us?
to help find your coat among others. Color can be a sign of danger like stop signs.
Why is it sometimes difficult to tell the depth of water even if you can see the bottom?
Because it is refracted light. The light is bent when it passes through water.
How does a prism separate white light?
A prism separates white light into the visible spectrum because it is a transparent object that refracts light.
A brick wall and a mirror both reflect light. Why are you not able to see your face in a brick wall?
Because a brick wall is opaque matter.