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attempts by society to regulate peoples thoughts and behavior
social control
knowledge that people use to make a way of life in their surroundings
cultural patterns that distinguish a societys elite
high culture
cultural patterns that are widespread among a societys population
popular culture
cultural patterns that set apart some segment of a societys population.
an educational program recognizing the cultural diversity of the US and promoting the equality of all cultural traditions
the dominance of European cultural patterns
emphasizing and promoting African cultural patterns
cultural patterns that strongly oppose those widely accepted within a society
what we think, how we act and what we own
culture includes
does not help to generate cultural change?
The __________ views culture as a relatively stable system built on core values.
structural-functional paradigm
Arguments supporting multiculturalism include all of the following except:
making English the official language of the United States
All of the following are artifacts except
Which of the following items does sociologist Robin Williams not consider a key value in U.S. culture?
Speaking only English in public
Which of the following is not one of the limitations to the global culture thesis?
Global Internet access is not available to everyone
Which of the following groups is not or has not been considered part of a counterculture in American society?
Members of the Democratic party
According to the text, cultural values and beliefs do all of the following except
link us with the past
Which sociologist developed the term sociocultural evolution to explain the changes that a society goes through with increased technology?
Which of the following is not a problem of the limits of technology discussed in the text?
environmental issues
Which of the following is not one of the ways that capitalism alienates workers?
alienation from a sense of community in general
Which of the following is not one of the characteristics of rational social organization?
The most significant form of social conflict is class conflict originating from the way a society produces material goods according to which sociologist?
The settlement pattern of cities becoming common but generally containing only a small proportion of the population is characteristic of which type of society?
The population size is "millions of people" for all of the following types of societies except:
horticultural and pastoral.
__________ is a system by which people share more-or-less equally in the production of food and other material goods.
__________ is social integration based on specialization and interdependence.
Organic solidarity
built on kinship.
Hunting and gathering societies
______________ increased food production so societies could support hundreds of people instead of dozens.
Domesticating animals and plants
Society's occupational structure changes dramatically during
is more concerned with functional interdependence than moral consensus.
were characterized by dramatic social inequality.
Agrarian societies
is the struggle between segments of society over valued and scarce resources.