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What did socrates want to discover?
Something important, the essential nature of knowledge, justice, beauty, goodness, and especially traits of good character such as COURAGE.
What are the 2 names for the method used by Socrates?
Socratic (or Dialectic) Method.
How did Socrates interpret the Delphi Oracles?
He thought the pronouncement reffered to the fact that he, unlike most people, was aware of his ignorance.
What 3 dialogues of Plato deal with the trial and execution of Socrates?
Apology, Crito, Phaedo
How did Socrates die?
By drinking Hemlock.
Who was Socrates most famous student?
Plato and Aristotle (plato's student)
What formed the model christian theology for 15 centuries?
Platonic Metaphysics
Which one of Platos dialogues is the most famous?
What is Platos theory of forms?
"What is truly real is not the objects we encounter in sensory experience but rather forms.
Do the forms exist in the physical worls, according to Plato?
What are the characteristics of the forms?
Eternal, Unchanging, Unmoving, Indivisible.
By "the real world" does Plato mean the world that you experience with your senses?
What is meant by the "two-realms concept"
1st realm of particular, changing and sensible. 2nd realm is of Eternal, Fixed and Perfect
What 3 forms did Plato believe are of higher order than the other forms?
Truth, beauty, and goodness.
What is skepticism, and how did the existence of skepticism influence Plato?
Skeptic= is a doubter, a person who doubts that knowledge is possible.
What did Cratylus believe?
He believed that everything, everyone, and everything we say constantly changes.
Were Xenophanes and Gorgias skeptics or did they think knowledge is possible?
Both were skeptic
Who was the best known Sophist philosopher?
How did Plato interpret protagoras claim that "man is the measure of all things?"
Meaning that their is no absolute knowledge
What argument does Plato present against Protagoras skepticism in his dialogue, Theatetus?
Plato points out that is Protagoras is correct everyones view are equal, then someone who views Protagoras view as false is correct.
What reasons did Plato have for thinkinng that the claim"knowledge may be equated with sense experience" is false.
1st- Knowledge involves more than sense perception
2nd- you can retain knowledge even after you are no longer sensing a thing
3rd- sence perception and knowledge canno be one and the same
What is the theory of the divided line, according to Plato?
Plato uses it to contrast knowledge, on one hand, with mere belief or opinion.
What is the Myth Cave?
It shows how and why human beings are in the dark about the truth of things.
What is Anamnesis?
Each Individual has its own inmortal soul a perfect se of forms that can be remembered.
How does Plato define love in THE SYMPOSIUM?
Love as longing for and striving to attain the object of longing.
To reach higher stages of love, what must we enter, according to Plato?
We must enter what is called THE MYSTERIES