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In what region did the oldest civilization inhabit?
what was that civilization?
The 2 rivers of the Fertile Crescent?
Tigris and Euphrates
How were the peoples of Mesopotamia governered?
ruling class of priets and kinglike figure in city-states
Who were the first to develop written language?
What was the Gilgamesh epic?
oldest literature that tells the sotry of a king's quest to achieve immortatlity
first law codes and impact
Hummurabi's law code
consistent set of regulations rather thatn the arbitrary rules of a ruler
How was the Hammurabi's law code like?
harsh: death
skills of the Mespotamians
builders and crafts people
pottery and bronze working
math-base 60 number system
canals and dams
large, pyramid like temples in Mesopotamia
Egypt came about b/c of this king who united Upper and lower Egypt
King Menes
This group of people conquered Egypt in the MIddle Kingdom era
Hyksos who the Egyptian rebelled aganist and expanded greatly in the New Kingdom era
How did the New Kingdom of Egypt fall?
disorder and foreign invasions
What was the pharoh?
living incarnation of the sun god
How were Egyptian women treated?
household finanaces and education of children
right to divorce
own property
purpose of pyramids
believed in life after death
skills of egyptians
engineers and architects
bronze tools and weapons
medicine, math, and astronomy
Achievments of egyptians
papryus- paper making
365 calendar
the famous cities of the indus vally civilization
and was politically
Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro
centralized `
what was the indus valley downfall
drying up of rivers or the erosion of soil
importance of yellow and yantze river in early china
agriculture, allowing movement and social and political unity
the first and the bedrock dynasty
Shang Dynasty
political characteristics of shang dynasty
warrior aristocracy
expanded its boudaries by conquest
Chinese system of writing
fortune -telling and ancestor worship
longest lasting
Warring States
started Mandate of Heaven
Zhou Dynasty
first to establish widespread presence in Europe
close-knit tribal group who had a rich oral tradition w/ multiple gods
the Celts
first group to make use of iron weapons
horse back warfare
ruthlessness and crulty
Nebuchadnezzar their leader who built the hanging gardens
ruled by Cyrus the Great and known for their postal system , network or roads, single currency , decentralized form of gov't w/ satraps who rule divisions
first to worship one god
enslaved by the Egyptians
conqered by the Assyrians
Phonecians and Lydians
advanced economy w/ the export of timber on the coast of NA
imp city - CARTHAGE
first true alphabet
Lydians- first to have invented metal coinage as a form currency
impact of Greece and Rome
lay the political and intellectual foundations of Western culture
What emerged during the Greek Dark Ages
common language and relgion
formation of city-state
b/c of rugged mountainous terrain their polis
dictarship and advanced army oligarchy
slavery was too common
culturally and politically advanced
had a naval strength
women and slaves were excluded
this war weakened the citystates of Greece and let Alex the Great from Macedonia conquer the region
the Peloponnesian War
impact of Alexander the Great's conquestion
to preserve Greek culture and spread it
crated the city of Alexandria w/ a Great Library and center of trade , learning and culture
more secular
science was imp.
celebration of life and human
wrote Illiad and Odyssey
other philosphers of Hellenism
Socrates and Plato
logic, observation and experimentation
How was the Roman Republic created?
the romans rebelled against the ruling monarchy