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a weak spot in the crust where magma has come to the surface
liquid magma that reaches the surface; also, the rock formed when liquid lava hardens
island arc
a string of islands formed by the volcanoes along a deep ocean trench
the molten mixture of rock-forming substances, gases, and water that makes up part of earth's mantle
Ring of Fire
a major belt of volcanoes that rim the Pacific ocean
hot spot
an area where magma from deep within the mantle melts through the crust above it
magma chamber
the pocket beneath the volcano where magma collects
a long tube through which magma moves from the magma chamber to earth's surface
the opening through which molten rock and gas leave the volcano
lava flow
the area covered by lava as it pours out of a volcano's vent
a bowl-shaped area that forms around the volcano's central opening
a material that is formed from the elements oxygen and silicon; silica is found in magma
a hot, fast moving type of lava hardens to form smooth, rope-like coils
a slow moving type of lava that hardens to form rough chunks;cooler than pahoehoe.
pyroclastic flow
the expulsion of ash,cinders,bombs,and gases during an explosive volcanic eruption.
said of avolcano that is erupting or has shown signs of erupting in the near future.
said of a volcano that does not show signs of erupting in the near future.
said of a volcano that is unlikely to erupt again.
hot spring
a pool formed by ground water that has risen to the surface after being heated by a nearby body of magma.
a type of a hot spring that builds up pressure underground and erupts at regular intervals as a fountain of water and steam.
goethermal energy
heat energy in Earth's interior from water or steam that has been heated by magma.