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employment act
commited government of full employment
council of economic advisers
very wise people
GI bill of rights
provided pensions and gov loans to help veterans start college
taft-hartley act
gave judges power to end strikes
commitee on civil rights
examine racial issues
callled for contunued racial segregation
j strom thrumond
presedent candidate
Henry Wallace
trumans antilabor actions
thomas dewey
governor of newyor
fair deal
series of new reforms
oveta culp hobby
txan suppervisor
modern republicanism
conservative when it comes to money
greately increased productivity
george meany
AFL-CIO's first president
highway act
contributed to suburban growth
baby boom
increase in population
juvenile delinquency
antisocial behavior by the young
rock n' roll
new type of music
elvis preseley
emerged as rock's leading talent
Brown vs board of edu
segregation in public schools fight
thurgood marshall
argued on brown's behalf
little rock ninw
9 african americans that joined all white public school
Rosa Parks
didn't give up her seat on the bus to a white man
Montgomery improvement association
boycott against the bus system
martin luther king jr
baptist minister
civil right act of 1957
federal crime to preven equalified persons from voting
Felix longoria
mexican american soldier killed in WWII
league of united latin american citizens
Ralph Ellison
author of invisible man in 1952
small but influential group of writers
jack kerouac
best known beat works written by him
urban renewal
improve inner-city housing the federal government proposed it