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heart failure
the inability of hte heart to pump sufficient blood to meet the bodys metabolic needs
ejection fraction
an estimate of the hearts efficiency as a pump, the percentage of blood the left ventricle ejects when it contracts
the hearts ejection fraction is measured using an
echocardiogram or
multiple gated acquisition scan
congestive heart failure
describes the accumulation of blood and fluid in organs and tissues from impaired circulation
one way to classify heart failure is by how it develops and classify it by location
acute or chronic

right sided or left sided
acute heart failure
sudden change in the hearts ability to contract
chronic heart failure
when the hearts ability to pump effectivly is gradually compromised and its impaired contractility remains prolonged
4 functional stages of heart failure
1. class 1: mild, client doesnt experience any limits on activity
2. class 2: mild: comfortable at rest, physical activity results in fatigue, palpitations
3. class 3: moderate: limitation of activity, comfortable at rest, activity causes fatigue/palpitations
4. class 4: severe: no physical activity w/o discomfort, s/s of cardiac insufficiency occur at rest,
American heart association and the american college of cardiology use criteria for 4 stages of heart failure
1. Stage A: