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Berlin Conference
1884-1885; a meeting at which representitives of European nations agreed upon rules for the European colonization of Africa
Social Darwinism
the application of Charles Darwin's ideas about evolution and "survival of the fittest" to human societies-particularly as justification for imperialist expansion
Suez Canal
a manmade waterway connecting the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, which was opened in 1869
an Indian soldier serving under British control
Queen Lilukalani
Hawaiian ruler that called for a new constitution that would increase her power
Sepoy Mutiny
an 1857 rebellion of Hindu and Muslim soldiers against the British in India
King Mongkut
helped modernize Siam
Motives of European imperialism
economic, political, and socail forces and the Industrial Revolution, raw materials(ex. diamonds, oil, etc.)
jewel in the crown
the British colony of India so called because of its importance in the Brisish empire, both as a supplier of raw materials and as a market for British trade goods
a policy in which a strong nation seeks to dominate other countries politically, economically, or socially
became part of British controlled land in 1887; fought with Boers for their freedom