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situation in which government spends more money than it takes in
deficit spending
total sum of money that the government owes
national debt
stock purchase in which investor pays only part of the cost
on margin
Why did most americans vote for FDR?
he inspired them with his confidence
Why did the government fail to notice the slowing economy in the mid 1920's?
there was no system to track ecconomic statistics
What was enacted to protect people's savings?
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
What alternate plan to end the depression was proposed by Huey Long?
increase taxes on the rich, and provide each american family with a house, car, and decent income
Name a way americans were not affected by the depression?
farmers were unable to grow food
How did the supreme court initially react to New Deal programs in the 1930's?
the court ruled that many New Deal programs were unconstitutional
What area of the U.S was called the dust bowl?
the part of the southern great plains that suffered drought and wind erosion
Did the dust bowl extend from the nothern to the southern borders of the U.S?
Explain the Indian New Deal
it gave native americans more control over their own afairs
What was one of the direct affects of the Wagner Act?
workers gained the legal right to collective bargaining
How did the depression impact women?
employeers gave preference to men when hiring workers
Name a person who would agree with criticism of the New Deal.
Herbert Hoover
What did the New deal prevent?
the possible rise of dictatorship in the U.S
Why was roosevelt "a bit shell shocked", during the hundered days?
he was surprised by the number of laws that the congress had passed
What was a common theme among artists in the 1930's?
the hard times of the present