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goverment run public schools
Concert of Europe
a series of alliances the ensured the european nations would help one another if any reolution broke out
Holly Alliance
an agreement of Russia, Austria, & Prussia to act with Christian principals against revolutionaries.
Continental System
napolean's policy of using a blockade to isolate great britan from all other european nations
Klemens von Metternich
The austrian foreign minister who distrusted the democratic ideals of the french revolution.
Coup d' etat
napoleon's seizure of power in france in 1799, a sudden overthro of goverment
Napoleonic Code
a comprehensive system of laws that eliminated many injusticed and gave france a uniform set of laws
The site of napoleon's defeat by british and prussian armies in 1815. which ended his last bid for power
Congress of Vienna
the meetings that set policies to promote security and stability in europe after napoleon's defeat
an agreement, such as the one in which napoleon and the pope agreed to change the church state relationship.
a forcible closing of ports to end trade between nations
Battle of Trafalgar
a major battle that was lost by napoleon.
a vote of the people
the principal under which the ruling royal families driven their thrones by napoleon should be restored
napoleon bonaparte
the leader of a free republic that started as a genral and ended up as the ruler
balance of power
in which no 1 nation is powerful enough to pose a threat to others
Hundred Days
ended napoloen's last bid for power
scorched-earth ploicy
burning grainfeild and killing live stock so the enemy had nothing to eat
band of spanish peasant fighters
Peninsular War
napolean lost about 300,00 ment at this war