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National Woman Suffrage Association
group set up to talk about giving women the right to vote and talked about the evils of alcohol
person who worked for women to have the right to vote
19th Amendment
women to can vote 1919
19th Amendment
women to can vote 1919
Womens Christian Temperance Union

Frances WIllard became its president-Ban sale of liquor
18th amendment
Prohibation of Alcholic Beverages

only amendment ever repealed
Plessy v. Ferguson
an 1869 courtcase in which the Superme COurt ruled that segregation in public facilities was legal as long at the facilities were equal
Booker T. Washington
speaker to African Americans- born into slavery, taught himself to read and graduated from Hampton Institude

program called accommodation-EDUCATION IS KEY- graduation 1 to elementary grad. 2 to middle and so on...
W.E.B. DuBois
whites hated- said we must firmly oppose washington

programe called activism-didnt want to wait people were being killed it must happen now
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

work for equal rights
Gentlemens Agreement
agreement between the US and japan to limit japanese immagration
Dawes Act
divided reservation lands into family plots

Indians become farmers, land unsuited for farming they sold a lot of land cheaply.
WHo today is the chairmen of the Federal Reserve Board?
Allen Greenspan
How many Federal Reserve Banks do we have in the US?
What is the name of the document that came from the Seneca Falls convention?
Decleration of Sentiments