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National Industrial Recovery Act
allowed trade assiociations in many industries to draw up copdes to regulate wages, working conditions, production, and even prices.
Hundred Days
the President pushed program after program through Congress to provide relief, create jobs, and stimulate economic recovery.
New Deal
programs were set by Roosevelt in response of the Great Depression.
Emergency Banking Act
the government inspect the finacial health of all banks.
Civil Works Administration
the government gave the unemployed jobs building or improving roads, parks, airports, and other facilities.
Civilian Conservation Corps.
the government put 2.5 million unmarried male workers into forest, beach, park maintenance and restoration projects.
Indian Reorgaanization Act
ened the sale of tribal lands begun under the Dawes Act.
Fireside Chats
President made speeches on the radio to his people not to worry about the future.
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Reassured the American people and insure deposits of 5000 dollars.
National Industrial Recovery Act
allowed trade associations to draw up codes to regulate wages, working conditions, production, and even prices.
Federal Securites Act
require full sidclosure of information on stock offered for sale.
Securities and Exchange Commission
to regulate the stock market.
Federal Reserve Board
to regulate the purchase of stock on margin-contributed to the heavily crash.
Tennessee Valley Authority
helped farmers and created jobs in country's least modernized regions.
Francis Perkins
she held key New Deal positions. She became secreatary of labor. She was the first female cabinet post.
Eleanor Roosevelt
She support New Deal programs and help to support her husband.
help the colored people with rights.
National Labor Relations Board
employers agreed not to hire union leaders
Commitee for Industial Organizations
organized the nation's unskilled workers
Social Security Act
Provided Americans with some financial protection against uneployment, illness, old age
American Federal of Labor
union leaders helped to increase membership. done little to attract unskilled workers.
Huey Long
he accused of the New Deal to the president.
National Labor Relations Act(the Wagner Act)
practices allowed only the union members can work and collective bargaining
Fair Labor Standards Act
banned child labor and established a miinimum wage for all workers covered under the act