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Emergency Banking Act
This was when the people wanted money they couldnt get it and it would restore the faith in the banking system.
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation(FDIC)
It was to insure the deposit of up to $5,000
Tennessee Valley Authority
It helped farmers create jobs
Civil Works Administation
Gave unemployed jobs building or improving roads
Indian Reorganization Act
It ended the sale of of tribal lands
Fireside chats
Every sunday the president would go on the radio and talk to the country about the new deal.
Eleanor Roosevelt
The first woman(wife of FDR) and she was a part of many ralleys and went to go see the second bonus march and gave the veterans shalter and food.
Civilian Conservation Corps
It put 2.2 million unmarried men to work.
New Deal
Proposal and programs adopted by president Roosevelt in response to the great depression.
Hundred days
This was the literal 100 days of FDR's presidency and during this time he came up with 15 new deal proposals that were passed.
Federal Reserve Board
IT began to regulate the the purchase of staock on margin.
Francis Perkins
Secretary of labor 1933-1945 under FDR and the first woman cabnit member.
National Industrial Recovery Act
Sought to bolster those prices and thus helping farmers
African American organization founded in 1910. Fought for the civil right of african americans.
Work Progress administration
Launched ne projects ranging building of dams to being a skilled worker.
National Labor Relations Act
It set a certain wage for wokers and children
National Labor Relations Board
This was to help reinfoce the provisions
Fair Labor Standards
This banned child laborand established a min wage.
Social security act
this provided old age pensions
Huey Long
He went for president and would have won if he wasnt assassinated
American Federation of Labor
Had little to attract unskilled workers
Committee for industrial Organizations
This was apart of the AFL
Congress of industrial Organizations
They organized the committee of organization